Episode 33: Sugarless Crystals - Keto for health & the art of making keto recipes on YouTube

March 20, 2018

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since we've posted a new podcast, but I'm finally getting it together with a new series of interviews with other ketoers. I've always been fascinated with the many ways we can all do keto and wanted to explore this on the podcast.

First up is Darius from the YouTube channel Sugarless Crystals. We learn all about how Darius discovered keto through bodybuilder friends, what he eats on a daily basis, how he does cheat days and why he's in it for the long haul. We also learn about his love for Taylor Swift, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.


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Vegan Keto Supplements You Do (and Don’t) Need

August 22, 2017

With all the various supplements out there on the market, it's hard to know what you actually need to (or should) take. In today's episode, we try to shine a little light on that exact issue.

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Ep. 31: Can I Do Vegan Keto Without Soy?

August 11, 2017

In today's episode, we talk about how you can succeed on a vegan keto (or just low carb vegan) diet without soy or soy products!

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Ep. 30 - Thyroid Health and Low Carb Diets

May 29, 2017

Is there a connection between low carb diets and low thyroid function? Today, Stevie and I explore that very question!


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Ep. 29 - Self Care With Leanne of The Keto Diet Podcast

March 4, 2017

Hey guys, today we have something so exciting - an interview with Leanne of HealthfulPursuit.com, and The Keto Diet Podcast! We talk about pretty much everything from self care to emotional eating and cravings, so it definitely touches on some important topics. We had an amazing time recording this, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Links to everything mentioned below! 

If you aren't already obsessed with Leanne, you definitely will be after this interview! Her honestly, enthusiasm, positivity and passion for health and nutrition totally brightened my day, and I hope it brightens yours, too. :)

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Episode 28: Going Out to Eat on a Diet (FIXED)

November 3, 2016

This might seem like super basic information, but going out to eat at a restaurant can often be a challenge for those starting out on a diet or a new way of eating. Hopefully, these quick tips can help you to feel more confident, and enjoy going out to eat with coworkers, family, friends or even on a date!


Ep: 27 High Carb Vegan Diets Don’t Work For Everyone - Here’s Why

May 13, 2016

A quick search on YouTube for "high carb vegan diet" will yield an insane amount of videos all claiming miraculous transformations eating essentially just fruit, all day every day for months to years on end. No matter what the protocol (general raw veganism, Raw Til 4, 80-10-10), the same rhetoric is repeated with startling vehemence, and the diet is defended unequivocally. Very few channels go into detail about one aspect of a high carb vegan lifestyle: high carb vegan diets don't work... for everyone.


Ep. 26: Min Max Happy Hour - How to lose weight while drinking

April 20, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually lose weight while still enjoying an alcoholic drink here and there. In this podcast episode, we explore the ins and outs of drinking while on a diet. 


E25: How Many Carbs Should I Eat on Keto or a Low Carb Diet?

March 17, 2016

We all metabolize carbohydrates differently, and in this episode, we'll take a look at the factors involved with carbohydrate digestion and metabolism. We'll also look at the general recommendations for carbohydrates in a low carb or ketogenic diet. Fun!


Episode 24: Why Losing Water Weight Is A Good Thing

January 12, 2016

You always hear that someone has lost water weight in the context that it's not a good thing, or that it's somehow not impressive. Well, hold your horses, because today we're talking about why losing water weight is actually good for you!